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on April 06, 2014

Once again, I feel like the luckiest gal on the planet, having had a glorious week at Banff at the Playwrights Colony. This time the colony intersected with an amazing gathering of Aboriginal artists and their collaborators at The Summit, I was able to see lots of old friends and meet some new ones as we elbowed each other at the salad bar including Ryan Cunningham, Herbie Barnes and Yvette Nolan as well as Adrienne Wong and Nathan Medd, Jillian Keiley and Sarah Garton Stanley!  I was also able to meet and hang out with the amazing playwright Bryony Lavery and the multi-talented dramaturg Ruth Little, both from the U.K. Brilliant hilarious women, both of them... and so inspiring. 

I am finishing up the first draft of MAKEPEACE, which explores the first democratic election in Iraq after the U.S. Invasion in 2005 from the perspective of a Canadian, based on the first hand experience of my father in law Michael Clegg. It is slow going as I attempt to pull the final threads of the story together, but it was wonderful to get a chance to put in some time on that last few delicate scenes and hear the new work read out by the team of actors, with the addition of some great actor/playwrights who volunteered to read some extra parts... thanks Marjorie Chan and Pamela Sinha :  )

Sitting in my room looking out my patio doors at the mountains I am once again reminded of what a magical place Banff is and how thankful I am for all the artists and administrators who have fought to keep this little gem accessible for playwrights. Thanks to all of them who put their passion and talents towards this goal... especially Tom Hendry, Sharon Pollock, John Murrell, Kim McCaw, Linda Gaboriau, Maureen Labonté, Keith Turnbull, Bob White, Vicki Stroich and now Brian Quirt...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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