Lighthouse Musings

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on June 27, 2013

So... I’ve arrived in Fredericton and settled into my digs looking onto the Lighthouse On the Green in Fredericton... and into my Writer in Residence office at UNB... home sweet home for the next month during my time as Festival Dramaturg at the NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival. A beautiful little town, Fredericton is full of charming shops and restaurants, as well as quite the bustling summer cultural schedule as I’m discovering. Since arriving on Canada Day I’ve already enjoyed fireworks on the St. John River, seen the Bard in the Barracks production of The Tempest in beautiful Odell Park and am being serenaded every day by the bagpipes of the Changing of the Guard Ceremony and a variety of New Brunswick musicians in the downtown Officer’s Square. I am very excited to be joining the incredibly hard working and multi-tasking Festival organizer Len Falkenstein and working with the playwrights whose work has been chosen for the Festival as things gear up. While here I’ll be working with Erin Keating and John Spurway on their one acts, and Robin Whittaker, Jake Martin, Sarah Higgins and Jared Mallard on their 10 minute plays. In addition I’m providing feedback on five other short plays by Erin Keating, Sandra Bell, David Wojcik, Gretchen Kelbaugh and Billy Curtis and teaching a Masterclass on playwriting and screenwriting on July 20th. A full schedule! I’m also thrilled that the Festival will be doing a short workshop and reading of my new Theatre for Young Audiences play I Am For You at the Festival, which will be kick off the Festival on July 28th. The play, which won some earlier support this year from the Enbridge Award for Established Canadian Playwright in Calgary in March, is slated for a premiere production for teen audiences in November 2013 in Edmonton at Concrete Theatre. This workshop will be a welcome opportunity to examine the characters and structure on its feet, with some portions being lightly staged, and others simply read. Considering the show is a fight show, which includes fencing, unarmed combat and a large fight scene with sabres, this will be incredibly helpful for me as a writer. The reading features Theatre New Brunswick Artistic Producer Caleb Marshall, Stephanie Doucette and Kelsey Hines. So far, Fredericton has been a delight to discover. I’ve been to the Farmers Market and wandered around the historical UNB Campus. I’ve had my first lobster roll and made acquaintance with the delicious offerings of the Picaroons Craft Brewery. Looking forward to seeing what the next weeks bring!

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